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Must Read Book of 2016


A revolution is brewing in the business of government.

Author Mary Scott Nabers

Mary Scott Nabers

In COLLABORATION NATION, government procurement expert Mary Scott Nabers makes the case that public officials at all levels are rethinking how they deliver services, which can be delivered more efficiently in collaboration with private enterprise, and which should be outsourced altogether. This mega-trend, driven by economic necessity, will lead to unprecedented opportunities for innovative companies to create solutions that will help reinvent government and reinvigorate our economy.

MARY SCOTT NABERS is Founder and CEO of Strategic Partnerships, Inc. She and her staff of expert consultants work with Fortune 100 companies to identify, develop, and deliver innovative solutions to federal, state, local, and educational entities. Mary is a frequent speaker on the professional business speaking circuit and a 20-year member of the National Speakers Association.

Mary is also co-founder of the Gemini Global Group, which specializes in business development services, public-private partnership positioning and opportunity identification in any region and at any level of government.

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 Is your company ready?

A $3 trillion-plus market is opening for companies in nearly every industry as public executives at all levels search for innovative ways to close budget gaps without cutting services or ignoring infrastructure requirements. The public sector needs private enterprise to help reinvent the business of government, much as public-private ventures helped this nation through the Great Depression and World War II.

In her new book, COLLABORATION NATION, author Mary Scott Nabers draws on her long career—as an entrepreneur, a decade as a Texas state official, and fifteen years advising Fortune 100 companies—to show how this market works, how to identify opportunities, and what it takes to be successful collaborating with government.

“Public officials and private sector executives live in different worlds and speak different languages,” says Nabers. “In my book and in presentations I’m making around the country, I describe the changes taking place in government procurement and what agency executives are looking for from preferred vendors.”